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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Smooth as silk

Sunday Scribblings - Sleep

Retiring after a hard day’s work, I glided on to the satin sheets of my bed
sleep craved, yet swirling and curling on the smooth covers of
the solo strife-less delight in my life
I felt dizzy; the lullaby of the velvety peace drowned
by the emotional turbulent ride I had had that day

I wondered how even a royal smoothness was not enough
to pamper me to slip into a state of blissful ignorance, a melting unconsciousness
And how even when in the thick of indulgence
I felt naked and exposed to the darkness;
the overpowering obscurity that scared me when I was awake

I was tired, mentally and physically; usually, getting to such a brink would do
The fall would occur by itself, as though some invisible guardian hands
gave me a soft nudge; where is my guardian today? Where are those motherly hands?
Oh, maybe those invisible hands haven’t recognised me yet
I was veiled, by the thoughts that disturbed my undisturbed fantasy

I undressed; stripping off the burdening veil with some difficulty
the estrangement disseminated into the darkness, losing its form
And there they were; those reassuring, motherly hands of hope
tenderly caressing my back, shaming my sleepless yearning

I silently and happily slid away from the spiny reality
falling into a deep, deep air of serenity;
Whispering a soft, slumbered thanks;
I drifted into a light nothingness, cocooned in the silky indulgence of hope for a brand new dawn..

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The Brave said...

you make sleeping sound so good. My nightly ritual consists of begrudgingly getting into bed only to spend the next 45 minutes tossing, turning, re-fluffing teh pillow and staring at a blackened ceiling, only to wake up some short time later feeling stiff and sore and dreading the time of day when I have to repeat the whole episode again.

tumblewords said...

Sounds good to me. Is there a place one can order something like this blissful night?

anthonynorth said...

I tend to think a lot when I go to bed. It keeps me awake a long time. But at least, when I sleep, I sleep well.

gautami tripathy said...

Happy Dreams!


snooze time, baby!

UL said...

oh this sounds really silky :)...did feel indulged, thank you.