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Not that I create music here; but I shall try all I can to jazz you up; pop a couple of novice, jest-for-pun words to rock you out of your sanity; scratch the blues out of the mind, kicking to life the RIP rust lying there to bend you in the middle, one way or the other; and rap my invisible pen’s madcap toe in a desperate attempt to somehow touch a chord or two. All, in a hip hop with the tide of words that sometimes seeps on to the shore of my mind and sometimes in its grand elusiveness, flows back to its haven. Nevertheless, i shall go on relentlessly like the waves, inspired by the echoes of Om that mirrors Oneness.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Designer for a Fee

This Week’s Theme: [Fiction] Friday Challenge for February, 1 2008:Your character was lost in her own thoughts. When she snaps back to reality, she realizes she was singing out loud. Unfortunately, she wasn't somewhere private. How embarrassing... Take it from there.

Here’s the text -

As he relieved himself of the over ballooned up pressure, the sssing almost sounded like an unaccompanied symphony. He couldn’t help but lend his vocals to it, frittering away the silence (sans the freedom-at-last sounds from ‘co-equals’) and the gentleness in the hotel’s gentlemen room. As the pressure eased, the humming turned to a happy let-loose singing; high pitched & attempting to follow the patterns of the piss. The ‘peers’ shocked, temporarily stopped meditating on addressing their calls and looked at him, some puzzled and some amused and all stunned, more by his wrap-up pissing in circles that pissed away the annoying off-track out-of-closet hum. For some of the 'audience' of the 'theatre', the pressure relayed on, reincarnating as a pressure to crack-up. With a loud ‘Awww! Do ALL good things have to come to an end?’, he pulled his zip up, casually glancing around to spot potential ‘competitors’. Only then did he actually feel those about five to six pairs of unblinking eyes, with accompanied half-open mouths, eating him up raw with their ‘DUH!!!!’ looks. He wanted to disappear. Quietly, he performed the ensuing formalities, not wanting to be ‘duh’ed more for his lack of ‘loo manners’ and went to the dryer wishing it worked on coal and that the smoke it spits out would give him a clandestine cover to slither out of the room. But no, it seemed a long minute and he glided out the door pretending to take a call, introducing him as the ‘Designer’ for a fee. It seemed to sound like a ‘de-singer for a pee’..

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My instinctive urge of foreplay overtook me
I looked into his eyes; holding the love air, a willing captive
Our lips met - his sweet, addictive taste filled my insatiable mouth
I laid my head on his bare chest, melting in ‘us’...
I could hear the rhythm playing his unspoken desires
As we soared in sync, in the indulgence of the revealed
We slowly but gradually, drifted to an unbelievable high
A high that liberated us from all things worldly, for that moment...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Mermaid's Nuptial - 3WWW

I approached the deeps with more passion and yearning than ever before. There seemed to be a flurry of excitement fuelled by an insatiable love within, despite the overwhelmingly calm and composed sea around me. The water was cuddling up and playing with the soft, invisible breeze, feeling tickled yet cosy in each other’s company. And then I saw HER, my love from the other world, my raison d’etre. My seat of passion almost missed a beat (it does every time we meet; the passion that was born when I first saw her has ever since become my shadow). I longed for togetherness more warm than the warmest mingle of the sea and the breeze. I quickened my catamaran in an irrepressibly thirsty hurry; it slithered in a smooth fashion towards the incessant beauty trickle that beat the vast, indefinite sea around. As I got close, I held my hand out to her, palpitating in an earnest craving for love and life; far from the mad whirly world where our unfathomably deep love sprinkles will infuse formlessly and wholly into the deep & gracefully subtle waters. She got on to my catamaran with her arms around me to get a hug truss, needing the hug more than the truss. As i peered into her strikingly blue eyes in awe, wondering whether her eyes or the sea is blue-er and deeper, I got lost in the love I saw. She tightened her embrace and pulled my sight away to a beautiful blob like bottle in her hand. The clear bottle housed an attractively white & shiny pearl with an equally shiny string. She took the pearl out and tied it around my neck, whispering our promises; her world of sea and the infinite breeze were witnessing & blessing us. We then swam, hand-in-hand her into her world; kissing each other passionately, welcoming the celebration of our love and togetherness for eternity.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Moulin Rouge

Monday Poetry Train

Strokes of colours staged on her cheek
painty gloss making her lips like silk
Riot of tints played on, splashing
dainty affair, a double date to seek

Then one frozen day, pushed to the lip of solitude
tears on her pale cheek wet their celebration nude
No sign of colour, no dance of hues
rainbow in black & white, streaked their blues

With bare cheek, dew drops sashaying
she rose, like an art in need of price
After years of craving, the homecoming was born
she ran towards her warrior, her colour, he had won

Isolation melting in his awe struck eyes
they embraced like no tomorrow
He looked at her, love & pride on a high
kissed on her cheek lapping up the dew
She blushed so pink; an effortless pink
as they won their love, conquered time & hues...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Confronting Dimensions – A Non-Speculative Report

It was baby dawn and I woke up all determined to win & ready to fight the war. I reached the line of control, pramming along carefully, my do-or-die vigor. I was welcomed rather warmly into the war front. I embarked with fresh blood zeal, feeling like a winner even before the battle began. I walked, I pedaled & I climbed, firing away the myths about the ability of the procrastinator to meet colossus demands of focus & sweat. Yet, at the end of it all, I saw that I had got nowhere. I was right where I began. So were the warriors around me who were indulged in their selfish pursuits of our common goals, parallely. But no, I am not a quitter. I would hit and keep hitting my targets until I conquer the padded sites. Until I get the uninvited guests, pirates who have almost formed a luxurious colony, abscond forever. For now, my ambush strike would have knocked a little opulence out of them. It did. I could feel it. I thanked my ardent sense-nudger for all this; for having given me the kick start I needed very badly, as I walked out of Dimensions Fitness Studio.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bling Bling & Best Practice Management

I have this passionate passion for glittery Blings. Crystals. Big crystals. Bigger sparkles. Oooohhh…!! It’s really hard to explain. You need to belong to the bling club or may be the hip hop (they are very much mutually inclusive!) for dat crazy tang to hit you. But no, not everyone can make it huh. Only tha Gods & Goddesses with dat At-i-tood can carry tha bling so cool. Now let me explain how my ‘fing for Bling-bling makes me a good CEO. Blings are intricate – so that vouches that I have an eye for details, innovative says that I am out of the box and irresistibly attractive – all raw! I leave a mark! Now, whether that causes zealous juice ups or jealous pangs. Who cares? All we need is the attention & the bling, of course! The bling funk – ‘The bigger, the better’! And see it from hi, lo or any angle, it says dat I’ve got tha ‘macro picture’! So, tell me brova, will I not make a great CEO?