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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Designer for a Fee

This Week’s Theme: [Fiction] Friday Challenge for February, 1 2008:Your character was lost in her own thoughts. When she snaps back to reality, she realizes she was singing out loud. Unfortunately, she wasn't somewhere private. How embarrassing... Take it from there.

Here’s the text -

As he relieved himself of the over ballooned up pressure, the sssing almost sounded like an unaccompanied symphony. He couldn’t help but lend his vocals to it, frittering away the silence (sans the freedom-at-last sounds from ‘co-equals’) and the gentleness in the hotel’s gentlemen room. As the pressure eased, the humming turned to a happy let-loose singing; high pitched & attempting to follow the patterns of the piss. The ‘peers’ shocked, temporarily stopped meditating on addressing their calls and looked at him, some puzzled and some amused and all stunned, more by his wrap-up pissing in circles that pissed away the annoying off-track out-of-closet hum. For some of the 'audience' of the 'theatre', the pressure relayed on, reincarnating as a pressure to crack-up. With a loud ‘Awww! Do ALL good things have to come to an end?’, he pulled his zip up, casually glancing around to spot potential ‘competitors’. Only then did he actually feel those about five to six pairs of unblinking eyes, with accompanied half-open mouths, eating him up raw with their ‘DUH!!!!’ looks. He wanted to disappear. Quietly, he performed the ensuing formalities, not wanting to be ‘duh’ed more for his lack of ‘loo manners’ and went to the dryer wishing it worked on coal and that the smoke it spits out would give him a clandestine cover to slither out of the room. But no, it seemed a long minute and he glided out the door pretending to take a call, introducing him as the ‘Designer’ for a fee. It seemed to sound like a ‘de-singer for a pee’..

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Square1 said...

LOL! Why does this remind me of my husband?

pjd said...

Hilarious! Smiled all the way through, laughed at some parts. Why do all good things have to end, indeed!

(aside to square1: this reminds you of your husband? egads!)

keith hillman said...

So funny! It could have been me. Loved it.

anthonynorth said...

A definite new take on Water Music.

JuiceMeUp said...

how's it goin? wots news these days?

Sub-Z said...

Oh my goodness! That was so hilarious!! Really enjoyed the read... did you by any means get a chance to peep into that loo?? Coz its so eloquent that takes my mind to envisage the 'theater'..! Real good one!

Jodi Cleghorn said...

This is great - what a unique take on the prompt. And I have to agree with sub-z ... you must have had a peek.

The one and only time I've eve been in the guys loo - there wasn't much singing going on, but at 4am in the mens loo of nightclub they're doing well to stand let alone render a song!!

Whitesnake said...

You been peeking haven't you?