Om! vibes on the water lip - Love, Life &, well, err...laugh!
Welcome to my ‘Jam Pad’ – the only place where chock-a-blocks are appreciated!

Not that I create music here; but I shall try all I can to jazz you up; pop a couple of novice, jest-for-pun words to rock you out of your sanity; scratch the blues out of the mind, kicking to life the RIP rust lying there to bend you in the middle, one way or the other; and rap my invisible pen’s madcap toe in a desperate attempt to somehow touch a chord or two. All, in a hip hop with the tide of words that sometimes seeps on to the shore of my mind and sometimes in its grand elusiveness, flows back to its haven. Nevertheless, i shall go on relentlessly like the waves, inspired by the echoes of Om that mirrors Oneness.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss!

So much information in this world and a single hard disk, to boot! It's 'wicked' to know-it-all, i 'know'. But it's wicked too! Somebody once said '..we should always remain an empty cup to be able to absorb more..'. I try to follow that to the 'T'. But i only managed to go as far as the first one on that! And hey, is that blissfully light or what! Hail the magnanimity of the world wide web that showers information at you, like they say in tamil 'kooraiya pichchitu', when you just boomerang a single word! It could be as meaning less as '!$' or 'zf' or whatever - the worldly web has got it on its rolls and even gives a 'Did you mean this..' like that extra snack with tea to fuel up. It is indeed amazing on one side, every one has the right to know and every one gets the access too. But flip that and you see the side where so much information load-up could do a pari passu harm too. I have a close friend who reads a lot - voracious they say, isn't it - she's all eyes and mind for books - all types, hard bound or virtual. But it doesn't stop just there - it's like she has lots of audio, video memory joggers in, on & around her that just one slight sneeze is enough to nudge all that lists to roll out like a snag; those lists that list sneezing as the most malignant symptom of an unnamed disease that has 62.7% chances of coming into existence in about say 76.2 years from now, in Timbuktu! And before you know she gets to the timbuktuan state herself. For days, she floats on it, off and on, like life is not dopy enough as it is, borrowing trouble from the future (as if unawares of the 'probable' play), until some other read pulls her out of that silo, just to tuck her into another! Then there's me - a hypocondriach, well-woven by the the world wide web! I just about manage, everytime, to wiggle out of that temporary snatch of insanity - thanks to the sense nudge that some people give me! We need to be open alright, but not really keep 'all the doors' open! All open doors mean too much traffic. Through one route. And one way at that! Where's all that going to? Well, perhaps we should look up the net on that too!!
P.S There's a drama add-on to some factual trivia. Any resemblance to anyone is absolutely, asked for!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Corporate Dons Vs. The Pheonix

I am not sure how translucent that is - the 'Corporate Dons' part of it. A quick defog would perhaps help you find the clarity lost elsewhere in life, here! A couple of roles in the Indian Corporate Industry, a bit of exposure to the Outsourcing culture and Voila! You will find yourself raving on about this ‘species’ of …err…humans. Well, at least, I did! The ‘contemporary colonies’ a.k.a B.P.Os / K.P.Os are where you will find them hunting you down! Interestingly, there would be no mafia – each don is his / her own country & his / her own king. And these altruists would pull out all the stops in serving their king and their country! Their bio? Well, with the amount of visibility that I have had into the ‘donning’ I could see that they are almost always able to perform all the functions of Ms Office Suite considerably well – from the basic ones like Cut, Copy and Paste to ‘run a slideshow’! The content, of course, would be others ‘inputs’. There are exceptions - I do need to mention that not all would lack the pulp. Only that it would perhaps become a passenger and let the ‘Don’ drive! After all, the Dons are the most stunning real-life stunt men you will ever come across. Their survival mantra perhaps anchors on the fact that driving, stepping on (the gas, I mean) to be in control will only get them through the ‘finishing’ line. I am not sure about others, but I am all praise for these ‘Dons’ – true to their name, they really help people like me ‘don’ my Jhansi ki Rani armor, sharpen my attitude & grit so much so that I, the Phoenix, would bounce on with all my style & sassiness like perhaps, John Travolta in Swordfish. Only that, I would be as conspicuous as before or perhaps, even more – a black belt that I have evolved to be, in my ‘Spam & Sword’ technique. And of course, I have given myself the jab necessary to stay immune to the ‘Don’ bites. I do not need those ‘special power’ bullets. I have my own ‘skillets’ that would fire away – ahimsa & skill filled. Thanks to the Corporate Dons plus my inherent ‘Warrior-in-my-own-right’ gene that has now been nudged and made active, I am all cut for the grand grind that life is. Are you?
P.S This blog is only based on a countable few. In any case, i believe a bit of Empathy & Respect would get even the hard nuts cracking. Exceptions apply. My rule of thumb - No jive!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This blog is one of my firsts & naturally, there is a thin line of excitement bubbling up. Thinner relatively, not because of a just-as-thin whim to blog, rather because of the ever changing priorities. Nevertheless, I will ‘write on’. Write, on ‘Om!’. Om has always got me awestruck. A single word. A single syllable. Entails the whole Universe. Yet stands for One. Oneness in everything fascinates me. More so, when it is a fusion of parallels. Fact nested in fiction, serious comedy, a constant change, a rainbow, an ever so grand simplicity, aged innocence, a salsa of melody with hip-hop, Yin Yang, Ardhanareeswarar, the language of silence, one heart dissolving into another (if you know what I mean!) and the mysterious blue Ocean flowing far and deep into the colossus, honest sky; so much so that the perceiver’s senses melt away & the perceiver becomes one with the perceived! …