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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Corporate Dons Vs. The Pheonix

I am not sure how translucent that is - the 'Corporate Dons' part of it. A quick defog would perhaps help you find the clarity lost elsewhere in life, here! A couple of roles in the Indian Corporate Industry, a bit of exposure to the Outsourcing culture and Voila! You will find yourself raving on about this ‘species’ of …err…humans. Well, at least, I did! The ‘contemporary colonies’ a.k.a B.P.Os / K.P.Os are where you will find them hunting you down! Interestingly, there would be no mafia – each don is his / her own country & his / her own king. And these altruists would pull out all the stops in serving their king and their country! Their bio? Well, with the amount of visibility that I have had into the ‘donning’ I could see that they are almost always able to perform all the functions of Ms Office Suite considerably well – from the basic ones like Cut, Copy and Paste to ‘run a slideshow’! The content, of course, would be others ‘inputs’. There are exceptions - I do need to mention that not all would lack the pulp. Only that it would perhaps become a passenger and let the ‘Don’ drive! After all, the Dons are the most stunning real-life stunt men you will ever come across. Their survival mantra perhaps anchors on the fact that driving, stepping on (the gas, I mean) to be in control will only get them through the ‘finishing’ line. I am not sure about others, but I am all praise for these ‘Dons’ – true to their name, they really help people like me ‘don’ my Jhansi ki Rani armor, sharpen my attitude & grit so much so that I, the Phoenix, would bounce on with all my style & sassiness like perhaps, John Travolta in Swordfish. Only that, I would be as conspicuous as before or perhaps, even more – a black belt that I have evolved to be, in my ‘Spam & Sword’ technique. And of course, I have given myself the jab necessary to stay immune to the ‘Don’ bites. I do not need those ‘special power’ bullets. I have my own ‘skillets’ that would fire away – ahimsa & skill filled. Thanks to the Corporate Dons plus my inherent ‘Warrior-in-my-own-right’ gene that has now been nudged and made active, I am all cut for the grand grind that life is. Are you?
P.S This blog is only based on a countable few. In any case, i believe a bit of Empathy & Respect would get even the hard nuts cracking. Exceptions apply. My rule of thumb - No jive!!

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Anonymous said...

I must confess. A hard read first of all. But once i have been through it a couple of time & googled a few words, i must say i enjoyed it. Excellent blog name, undispuably true subject matter and that tinge of subtle humour has all made this blog a well spent few minutes.