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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Resolution of the 'Late' Mr.X with mistaken identity

3WW - Apology, Consider, Distant

He got off his bike and dashed to the facade of his work-house;
House, yes, he spent most of his time there keeping at
carving a place for himself in the corporate history,
to be known, to be seen, even from the moon...

His jog stance hardly matched his striking black formal suit
Otherwise a sucker for class, he could not thwart
the rather clumsy verb he was then indulged in
With only about five minutes to get to his office swipe point
style or even a drift that way seemed

He ignored the elevator and hopped up the stairs
Zipped past the receptionist, not forgetting to flash a smile
It was his way of expressing thanks to the silent,
amused one-man audience of his everyday nick-of-time drama

He skid to a stop at the door, knowing as he swiped
that all the tussle had been in vain, a speculator that he was,
by profession and now, out of a recessive kip,
late. By a cascaded minute; ‘Damn!!!!’ he whined, stopping abruptly
as if he would continue tomorrow..

He walked in, anyway; actually, that being the only way
With his feet not on the ground, almost
He got to his workstation in inconspicuous strides
a couple of minutes to settle in, to boot
For the next long minute he considered how his toil for identity
despite his versatility, people person-ness et al
was sidestepped by this period of effortless foot dragging.

He raised his bottle like a ritual and gulped down the water ,
feeling it slide down his throat, wetting the dryness
caused by a moisture less apology that was strewn by guilt
flushing down the vice that won today, again
in the race seeking to win the identity crisis;
the go-getter in him was NOT going to be known as the latecomer.


paisley said...

this was very well written... i know this because i am able to feel loathing for this man,, and i know not who or if he exists...

it is unfair for me to feel this,, but i feel he has been so shallowly defined by his own self stipulation.

i wish his vision included so much more than himself and his work and his punctuality... maybe it does,, and i just chose not to see it....

again, had it not been well written,, it would not have erupted emotion and it would have become just another verse,,, wouldn't it???

M as in Mint said...

:) thank you Paisley for that! But i guess this vision, just like any other youth time one is a fad....though at this time, wiping the vice is the matter.. its only a matter of time before the man evolves, gets wiser... :)

tumblewords said...

Agreeing - I feel like I know this man...

TC said...

It was his way of expressing thanks to the silent,
amused one-man audience of his everyday nick-of-time drama

I really liked that. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Far too many are out there trying to run the race to win the identity crisis. Nice line, btw.

anthonynorth said...

Show a truly confident man and he is really a wreck underneath.
You show this point admirably.

Laane said...

I like the way you've put this into words, put him into words, and his actions.

There's a layeredness into this that's intriguing.

You can find my 3 words ::here::.

Have a great day!

LittleWing said...

excellent post... with him all the way... to be known, to be seen, even from the moon... pretty much sed it for me..

UL said...

i know such a person...but when he finally looks back and sees himself...would he regret or justify? The one I know regrets and seeks redemption, but time has slipped.

wwamazon said...

THis was a great caricature/animation of a moment in a business man's life and I enjoyed it very much - I envisioned it as a stop-motioin animation- I'm biased towards that genre. Thank you for that. the link to my 3ww piece is :
- amarettogirl