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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stroke of Luck

Friday 5 - Skew, Foreign, Wailing, Travel, Arithmetic
Theme: Someone moves the end

The skew occurs every time
in her economics, with not one flattening twist
Still, the start recurs, religiously regular;
her travel to the casino covertly planned out
and all the moves-arithmetic flawlessly worked out
by our gullible beauty; and the hungry beasts
yet, again this time, devoured in a not-so-foreign fashion
Until her last wailing penny
And our lady as usual, felt that kick in the teeth
As though someone, from nowhere, moved the end;

Those flashy machines had taken her for a ride
one more time; but our lady is no dark horse
and she will not end her affair
with luck; she still strokes with fiscal feathers
those that glitters, those that will give her gold
play on, she will, until she gets too old..

* i do not gamble; i have only seen a casino when on a tour schedule! :) This is a totally imaginative poem; to give the readers a light, enjoyable read..hopefully that is!


gautami tripathy said...

I like the fiscal feather reference.

itchy, scratchy, welted

Michelle Johnson said...

Hello M~ I think it's best that the lady doesn't gamble. Those machines will always win. Drat!

Also, wanted to say welcome to Poefusion. I hope to see you again. Have a nice weekend.

UL said...

casinos can be so say it well! For some reason I am not one to play, thank goodness!

Scott Clawson said...

This was something I saw the last time, and the only time, that I was privied to walk through a casino. I was amazed at the lights, the sounds of those flashy machines! Thanks so much for sharing it and a great use of the Friday 5! :-)

tumblewords said...

Absolutely love this poem - the words are perfect and the emotions come through loud and clear. Great!

paisley said...

not being a gambler myself,, but an addict to nearly everything else life has ever had to offer,, i can relate to this well...

welcome to friday five.. good to have you here....

Anonymous said...

her last wailing penny- very interesting personification.

Great job getting inside the head of a gambler!