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Not that I create music here; but I shall try all I can to jazz you up; pop a couple of novice, jest-for-pun words to rock you out of your sanity; scratch the blues out of the mind, kicking to life the RIP rust lying there to bend you in the middle, one way or the other; and rap my invisible pen’s madcap toe in a desperate attempt to somehow touch a chord or two. All, in a hip hop with the tide of words that sometimes seeps on to the shore of my mind and sometimes in its grand elusiveness, flows back to its haven. Nevertheless, i shall go on relentlessly like the waves, inspired by the echoes of Om that mirrors Oneness.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Conquer self, as One, for One

3WWW - Enemy, Shatter, Vague

Enemy of the night, rose
to shatter to smithereens,
the darkness that shadowed vague,
thrown thoughts, strewn by the storm
Dawn set in and cracked the chill
Finally, we awakened
The ball of fire rising inside us, as well
Diverse many, brought together
Thinking one thought, in one language
Ready to end the killer of peace
Ready to bring on a new beginning
A beginning, as One.


Quin Browne said...

Anonymous said...

I like the way this builds up to the new beginning from 'cracking the chill' and the 'ball of fire rising inside us'.

ThomG said...

This does build very nicely to "as One." I live the vibe, the way the words built on each other.

One small nit-picky thing - I think I would have used the word cracked instead of cracking. Never have been a fan of -ing endings. See what you think.

M as in Mint said...

Touche, ThomG. Thank you! :)