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Not that I create music here; but I shall try all I can to jazz you up; pop a couple of novice, jest-for-pun words to rock you out of your sanity; scratch the blues out of the mind, kicking to life the RIP rust lying there to bend you in the middle, one way or the other; and rap my invisible pen’s madcap toe in a desperate attempt to somehow touch a chord or two. All, in a hip hop with the tide of words that sometimes seeps on to the shore of my mind and sometimes in its grand elusiveness, flows back to its haven. Nevertheless, i shall go on relentlessly like the waves, inspired by the echoes of Om that mirrors Oneness.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scary story...

This is the story of a comic script gone all wrong.

3ww-Crumple,Illicit, Nerve

I hurled the crumpled paper
My script, bejewelled
By courage that seemed ancient,
Nested provoking humour.
Words on it sprinkled
Along the wind which carried
My dreams,
Of laughter beyond seams
As though illicit in purpose
Into obscurity…
An ignorant attempt at humour
What nerve?
At a time like this!
Questions of frozen reality
Spiked up like pillars of the mirage
Holding it strong
Are we there yet?
Can we laugh at ourselves?


gautami tripathy said...

Like the questions to self..

illicitly intertwined

ThomG said...

It's like you've been listening in my head, late at night when I can't sleep. Asking, asking, asking the questions.

Fledgling Poet said...

Yes, I agree with ThomG...the rhythm of this poem resembles my brain at times when I can't shut the thoughts off. Very good read!

Winnie the poohi said...

Ah lovely reflection!

What nerve indeed! pesky thoughts!

Crystal Phares said...

I love the questions. It make you think and wonder. I really like this.

Amarettogirl said...

That first opening sentence - so telling and powerful - very well written! oooh and " Along with the wind that carried my dreams..." so right on - Thank you for sharing with 3ww!

floreta said...

i like the ending. because we should laugh at ourselves and make light of the situations sometimes..

aminah said...

so nice to discover your blog...there is a beauty in not taking ourselves too seriously, especially when we can let others do the serious brooding for us...can I link you to my blog?

M as in Mint said...

**Gautami, ThomG: glad you could relate to the echoes that hang around within me...perhaps this is how we evolve & hope the answers we eventually find would raise us to a feeling of light, non-being...?

And, thank you so much for your unfailing comments! They really make me think "I can"! :)

**Fledgling Poet: I am pleased! :)

**Winnie the poohi: More an inward probe, maybe. Thank you for the comment! :)

**Crystal Phares: I am pleased you enjoyed!

**Amarettogirl: I am so glad you liked it and, it is MY pleasure to share!

**Floreta: Indeed, we should. Not easy for sure, but we should get there.

**Aminah: Haha! Looks like you are already half way there & will get there before me! :) And, about linking, of course, you can! *smiling delightedly* :)

Twisted Elegance.... said...

The ending was pretty good :)